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Tidying Up

I offer a multitude of services to smarten up your outside spaces. See my hedge trimming service too.



We’ll hand weed your planted areas, lawns, paths and patios, and advise you

on weed control that suits your garden.

Patios and Decking

We can clean your paving and decking, removing algae and dirt. We can also

treat and seal decking for you, protecting it from the elements for another 12



Autumn Leaf Clearance

Clearing fallen leaves can feel like an endless slog in autumn. We can take

care of this for you, and can visit regularly through the autumn months to

manage it on your behalf. We can also advise on using the leaves to create

leaf mould or mulch so that they become a benefit to your garden rather than

an annual nuisance!

Sheds and Fences

We can paint or treat your wooden structures to keep them looking at their

best. We can also carry out repairs if required.


Create your dream garden.
Tell me about your project today.

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