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About Gethin's Gardens

I love being a Gardener. It gives me the chance to provide people with outdoor spaces that work for them. That might mean turning your existing slightly overwhelming garden into one that you feel able to manage by yourself. Perhaps your garden doesn’t work for your family?

Maybe your kids would like more space to play? Or perhaps your spare time is in very short supply, and you might like someone to look after your garden so that you can enjoy it when you have a few precious moments. I can help.

I believe that gardens provide us with an opportunity to connect with nature, even in the most urban environments. We get to provide a habitat that serves us and our wildlife. I don’t use pesticides and fertilisers that are harmful to other plants or animals wherever possible. I do not use peat-based composts or soil improvers. I am always happy to hear about any organic solutions that you might have used.

If I can help you to enjoy your garden, and to get the same enjoyment from gardening that I get, I’ll be a very happy gardener indeed…



Gethin's Gardens Quality Guarantee

If you’re not happy, then I’m not happy.


I believe in the quality of my work, and I take pride in knowing that my customers are happy with their gardens.  If you believe that I have not met your expectations, then I genuinely want you to tell me! I don’t want to leave a garden with an unhappy owner.  If something isn’t right, I’ll put it right - at no extra cost.

Create your dream garden.
Tell me about your project today.

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